Backup Assist


Easily backup your data to an external hard drive using this tool.

Simply select the items you wish to backup, choose your destination, and the tool does the rest.

It also features an Advanced mode where you can add custom locations to your backup, choose to automatically shutdown your computer when the backup is complete, and for advanced users the ability to change the backup type.

N.B. You can also backup to a network location (mapped drive) but need to follow instructions here first.


User Guide:

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Version History:
v3.0 Initial release
11/12/22 v3.1 Various bug fixes
28/02/23 v3.2 Various bug fixes
08/05/23 v3.3 Error logging improvements
24/05/23 v3.4 Various bug fixes and improvements to error reporting
09/06/23 v3.5 Added load / save option for custom paths in Advanced mode
22/09/23 v3.6 Various bug fixes and updates to core components
25/10/23 v3.7 Core components updated
28/10/23 v3.8 No longer showing CD/DVD drives in Destination drop down to avoid confusion
Various bug fixes
Improvements to error handling
Core components updated
28/11/23 v3.8.1 Minor bug fixes and error handling changes
17/02/24 v3.8.2 Fixed speed statistics shown in logs
Core components updated
13/04/24 v3.8.3 Destination disk space issue resolved
Core components updated
Various other miscellaneous bug fixes and code improvements