PDF Assist


Fully featured PDF manipulation tool.

Basic Features:

The following features are all included in the base price purchase

  • Redaction:

    Secure redaction of content from PDF files, including automatic marking of common areas such as NI Numbers, UTR tax references, phone numbers and dates.
    Selected content is completely removed not just masked or hidden with a black rectangle unlike some other products!

  • Annotation:

    Highlight, underline, strikethrough, and squiggly text markup.
    Free hand drawing.
    Shapes - line, rectangle, circle, arrow, polygon, cloud, and text callout.
    Sticky notes.
    Text and ink signatures.

  • Merge / Split:

    Split existing PDF every x pages.
    Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file.

  • Mark:

    Add custom or pre-defined watermark to all pages.

  • Convert:

    Convert PDF to Excel, Word, HTML or Image.
    Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, Image, TIFF to PDF.
    Extract all text from PDF.
    Perform OCR on scanned PDF or image to convert it into editable text.

  • Protect:

    Encrypt and password protect PDF file for viewing.
    Encrypt and protect PDF files and decide whether to allow printing, modification or extraction of text.
    Unprotect existing PDF files.

  • Portfolio:

    Create a PDF Portfolio containing multiple file formats including Images, Word, Excel and Text files – all of which remain in original file format and appear as tiles down side of PDF document.

  • Tools:

    Get document information.
    Check files for corruption and fix where possible.
    Compress existing PDF files by optimizing images, fonts, page content and removing metadata information.

  • Additional Features:

    Touch / stylus support.

    Settings allow you to choose whether PDF Assist starts in redaction mode or annotation mode, and also allows you to enable/disable automatic marking for redaction and to choose which areas are marked automatically.

    All documents created and modified by the tool will have author information added which will consist of the name of the currently logged on user, which is useful for auditing purposes.

    Thumbnail views.

    Rotate, rearrange and delete pages.

    Form filling.

    Install updates automatically without user requiring admin rights or UAC elevation - perfect for enterprise environments - or completely disable automatic updating per machine if being used in a virtualized infrastructure such as Citrix, Hive or Remote Desktop.

Premium Features:

The following additional features are available as part of the annual premium subscription

  • Accurately convert PDF to Excel with automatic recognition of tabular content.

  • Convert PDF to Word ensuring the document retains the flow and layout of your original file.

  • Automatically convert scanned and/or rotated documents into editable content.

  • Convert PDF to PowerPoint retaining the original design and layout.
Sample Conversions
* Features subject to change


User Guide:


System Requirements:

.NET Framework 4.8+
Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable
Windows 10/11
350Mb Free Disk Space

Product Trial:

Click the button below to download a trial version from this website


All features are fully functional in trial mode with the following limitations:

• All saved files will include a trial version watermark
• Redacted content will display trial version overlay
• Conversion from PDF to Excel, Word or HTML is disabled (email for examples)
• Premium features disabled (email for examples)
• Printing is disabled


Base Price:
£15 per user/computer - perpetual license
SALE - Currently on sale @ £9.99 via Microsoft Store!!!
(includes 1 months free trial of Premium Subscription - except if purchased via Microsoft Store)

- OR -

Premium Subscription: 
Includes additional features as listed above
£10 per user/computer - annual subscription

Discounts are available for multiple computers / enterprise licenses - please contact me for further details

Email support and product updates are included in price

Version History:
12/12/19 v1.6.2 Initial public release
19/12/19 v1.6.3 Miscellaneous improvements to licensing system
04/02/20 v1.6.4 Added option to set default font size and colour for annotations
Miscellaneous bug fixes
22/04/20 v1.6.5 Added ability to convert PDF to a multi-page TIFF file
Now shows currently open document name in window title and when minimized
Various miscellaneous fixes and performance improvements
28/05/20 v1.6.6 Miscellaneous bug fixes
Improvements in handling of existing annotations created using other PDF software
30/06/20 v1.6.7 Various bug fixes
Improved handling of corrupt and password protected PDF files
20/07/20 v1.6.8 Bug fix for annotation issue with some existing documents
08/09/20 v1.7 New "First Run Wizard" to guide you in choosing default mode e.g. Redact or Annotate
Improvements made to the storing and loading of user settings so they are maintained after installing updates
New settings added for default zoom mode
Extensive code refactoring to improve performance and error handling
Dependencies updated to latest versions
User Guide updated with new features and usage tips
Now runs as 64-bit on all supported 64-bit OS to improve performance and memory handling
26/10/20 v1.7.1 Improvements made to Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF conversion
05/02/21 v1.8 Update handling improved
New improved error reporting and handling implemented
Further improvements to Word to PDF conversion
You can now browse for and add custom stamps to a PDF
All underlying components updated to latest versions
User Guide updated
17/03/21 v1.8.1 Close button added to toolbar for Annotate and Redact
Fixes for PDF Merge when encountering a corrupt document
Various other code improvements to fix recent errors / issues found
25/05/21 v1.8.2 Ink eraser tool added to easily erase unwanted parts of free hand drawings / annotations
Word to PDF conversion enhanced - now handles custom shapes
Numerous internal updates and bug fixes
All underlying components updated to latest versions
01/07/21 v1.8.3 Improvements to Word / PowerPoint to PDF conversion for styles and multicolumn layouts
Cloud shape annotation added
27/08/21 v1.8.4 Fully functional trial version released - adds watermarks to all output
Various code improvements and bug fixes
04/10/21 v1.8.5 Core components updated
Annotations can now be locked to prevent modification
Performance improvements at higher zoom percentages
Word to PDF conversion now preserves all comments
06/04/22 v1.8.6 Fixed issue with Merge/Split detection of corrupt documents
Core components updated
Performance improvements - page renders 70% faster - search 90% faster
Fix PDF now resolves more complex document corruption issues
08/07/22 v1.8.7 Added ability to choose default PDF viewer to settings
19/08/22 v2.0.3 Conversion of PDF to Excel (.XLSX), Word (.DOCX) and HTML
Insert text signature
Insert blank page
Save/Load default annotation settings
New squiggly text markup - useful for highlighting errors in text
New callout text box annotation - with arrow to point to specific area in a document
Word to PDF conversion enhancements
Core components updated
Internal code restructuring and bug fixes
17/09/22 v2.0.4 Bug fixes and error handling improvements
12/10/22 v2.0.6 Word to PDF conversion enhanced - Wavy and double underline styles now supported
PowerPoint to PDF conversion enhanced – accessibility structure tags now preserved during conversion
Improved form field navigation using Tab key for effortless form completion
Core components updated
Registry value added to enable the disabling of updates per computer rather than per user
18/11/22 v2.0.7 Critical bug fix relating to automatic redaction marking functionality
Core components updated
09/01/23 v2.0.8 Core components updated
26/05/23 v2.1.0 Bug bash - all reported bugs and more fixed
Core components updated
Major code restructuring to improve performance
New tick and cross stamps added
Improved easier to use toolbar design
Improvements to insert text signature
Improvements to text box handling including moving and resizing
Updated OCR engine improves accuracy
Paste Text / Images from clipboard into PDF
New default zoom mode option - Actual Size
Improvements to PDF to Word / Excel conversion
Updated user guide
Improved error handling and reporting system implemented
16/06/23 v2.1.2 Bug fixes
Internal fix for future update handling due to recent code signing certificate policy changes
07/07/23 v2.1.3 PDF rendering engine updated
Cut, copy and paste annotations - text box, drawing tools (shapes), free form (ink), stamps, and sticky notes
PowerPoint to PDF conversion enhancements
Word to PDF conversion enhancements
Bug fixes
07/08/23 v2.1.4 Core components updated
Performance enhancements
Bug fixes and improvements to the Protect section allowing you to now set User, Owner or both passwords 
11/09/23 v2.2 New advanced conversion features added available to Premium Subscription customers
Miscellaneous bug fixes
N.B. App requirements for minimum .NET version changed from v4.7.2 to v4.8
30/09/23 v2.2.1 Core components updated
Annotations can now be shown in Organize Pages view
16/10/23 v2.2.2 Window size, position and state saved and restored between sessions
06/11/23 v2.2.3 Core components updated
Various bug fixes
24/12/23 v2.2.4 Various bug fixes
Check for "Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable" requirement added to installer
03/01/24 v2.2.5 First release of version which is also available for purchase directly via Microsoft Store
Various bug fixes
27/02/24 v2.2.6 Core components updated
Various bug fixes
11/04/24 v2.2.7 Core components updated
Various bug fixes
20/05/24 v2.2.8 Core components updated
Various bug fixes