RoboCopy GUI


Visual interface for RoboCopy featuring job queuing, job monitoring, and logging.

Allows you to easily add multiple RoboCopy jobs to a queue, choose RoboCopy settings, or select preset settings, run an analysis to see what files / folders need copying and then monitor the job(s) live as they run using the Job Monitor.



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Version History:
10/05/23 v2.0 Initial public release
20/05/23 v2.1 Added instructions and improved error reporting
03/06/23 v2.2 Fixed error with log location
04/07/23 v2.3 Bug fixes
09/10/23 v2.4 Core components updated
Bug fixes
Error handling improvements
13/10/23 v2.5 Error reporting fixes
21/10/23 v2.6 Save / Load Job feature added so you can save all jobs in queue to XML and quickly load them again
Core components updated
Fixed issue with Logs not being sorted correctly in Date/Time order
Exclude Files, Exclude Directories and File Filter now correctly validates entry for allowed values
Various other bug fixes
25/10/23 v2.7 Core components updated
Destination path validation logic improved
Bug fixes
26/10/23 v2.7.1 Fixed "Illegal characters in path" error in Destination path entry
Resolved issue where ExcludeFiles, ExcludeDirectories and FileFilter would not accept values containing spaces